Coiled tube heat exchangers for cooling in tunnelling and mining

Heat exchangers for dusty and aggressive air conditions

WAT coiled tube heat exchangers are air/water heat exchangers that are designed in particular for application in dusty and aggressive air conditions. These heat exchangers are characterized especially by their positive system features:

Apart from the standard version optional customizations according to your requirements are possible:

type RWK and SPK

Explosion-proof Ex ATex
Air-cooler heat exchanger RWK 300 N for cooling mining and tunnelling 3D

Your benefits:

WAT air-coolers can be used everywhere, where specific high requirements are imposed on air-cooling, e.g. for application in underground roads or long walls as well as on a TBM’s back-up system.

type RK

Explosion-proof Ex ATex
Re-cooler RK 1075 for cooling in mining and tunnelling with heat exchanger water cooling

Your benefits:

WAT re-coolers are especially used, when only an underground re-cooling by air is possible and high requirements on re-cooling are imposed because of the air conditions.