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WAT Wärme-Austausch-Technik GmbH

We, the WAT Wärme-Austausch-Technik GmbH, are a medium-sized company located in field of refrigeration technology and we have been specialised in air conditioning of tunnels and mines for more than 40 years – on surface and especially at underground.

Our business includes air conditioning of tunnels worldwide, usually during construction phase, as well as air conditioning of coal, ore and potash mines in Europe and beyond the borders, in general in China and Russia.

For our customers we offer solutions in field of refrigeration technology with our products, that are especially designed for underground application. Since 1977 we have been manufacturing the necessary machines and systems for our customers independently – from mechanical and electrical engineering to turnkey air-cooling machines.

On our production site in Hamminkeln, besides the high vertical range of manuafacturing in pressure vessel production, the final assembly and testing of our refrigeration systems and heat exchangers takes place. For our products we only use parts of well-known suppliers from field of refrigeration technology in order to ensure high quality standards.

Newspaper Hans Henting founder WAT Wärme-Austausch-Technik GmbH
Hans Henting, founder of WAT
Wei Luan, Reinhold Both, Bernd Henting, Dirk Bütefür
WAT Shareholders: Prof. Wei Luan, Dr. Reinhold Both, Bernd Henting, Dirk Bütefür

Milestones in WAT company history:

1977: Foundation of WAT Wärme-Austausch-Technik GmbH out of already 11 years existing GfW Gesellschaft für Wärmetechnik mbH by Dipl.-Ing. Hans Henting.

80s and 90s: Market leader in refrigeration systems for German coal mining and largest recipient of CARRIER reciprocaping compressors 5H126 in Germany.

2002 – 2017: The new development of tunnelling sector and the largest project to date with the entire air conditioning during construction phase of GOTTHARD Base Tunnel.

2007: The first KM3000 in explosion-proof design (Ex I M2b), MA-approval and HP-condenser (PN160) for Chinese mining.

2017: Shareholding of the companies Famous Industrial Group GmbH and CFH GmbH for extension of worldwide distribution activities.

During planning phase we are glad to advice our customers on site and we are able to calculate complex air conditioning systems as well as designing the cold- and cooling-water systems based on the calculations.

Usually the initial question of our customers is: How much cooling capacity is required? In this case WAT-engineers can help you and calculate the required cooling capacity – even before excavation of the tunnel, the underground section or an entire mining field.

We solve the solution to that question with help of a numerical simulation, the so called climate-pre-calculation, that has been developed together with Ruhrkohle AG (nowadays: RAG).

Nowadays we employ more than 50 people at the company’s location in Hamminkeln-Brünen.

With the sales activities of our shareholders Famous Industrial Group GmbH based in Düsseldorf and CFT Compact Filter Technic GmbH based in Gladbeck we are well positioned for the future. Famous is responsible for the distribution on the Chinese market, while CFT takes responsibility for all other countries in the world.

Our used equipment is available through CST GmbH Customer Savings Technology, a member of CFH group.